Naked 3 Makeup Brush Set

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This kit comes with high quality makeup brushes designed for professional studio or for personal use and it will give you a flawless face and eye makeup application. Buying this makeup brush set is much more . All 12 brushes are made of wood handles with copper ferrule with soft synthetic hairstyle – designed to create that flawless look and even finish


1. Large loose paint brush, blush trimming brush 14cm long

2. Blush brush 12.8cm long

3. Flat foundation brush length 13.5cm

4. Large eye shadow brush blooming 13.5cm long

5. Flat foundation brush trumpet 13.7cm long

6. Medium eye shadow brush, blending brush length 13.2cm

7. Large angled brow brush, shadow brush trimming 13.5cm long

8. Small eye shadow brush 13cm long

9. Small bevel eyebrow brush 13cm long

10. Lip brush length 12.5cm

11. Eyeliner brush length 12.5cm

12. Flat brush to start trimming 18cm, 10.5cm closure

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